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Recent Notices


  • January

    Remove all Christmas decorations

  • February

    Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    & Election of Board of Directors

  • March

    no scheduled events

  • April

    no scheduled events

  • May

    1.) Irrigation start up
    2.) Spring walk through

  • June

    1.) Window cleaning
    2.) Evergreen Community Cleanup

  • July

    no scheduled events

  • August

    no scheduled events

  • September

    Audit of Eversyde on the Park Condominium Corporation Financials

  • October

    Fall Irrigation shut down

  • November

    Remove all Halloween decorations

  • December

    no scheduled events


We invite all residents of Eversyde on the Park to sign up on the TownSq App. A social network platform where you can meet your neighbors, engage with your board, review your personal account with C-Era, and submit maintenance requests. Read the April 2019 Update

Contact C-Era Property Management for your unique ID# in order to gain initial access to TownSq.