Board of Directors

Our Board

Eversyde on the Park 2020 Board of Directors

President: Bill Lawless
Secretary: Amanda Cameron
Treasurer: Bill Lawless

Members at Large:
Tom Dasko, Clayton Reimer, Raffelina Sagriff, Jack Sides, and Krystal Zeller

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Areas of Responsibility

Landscaping, Tree Project and Snow Removal: Raffelina Sagriff

Maintenance and Repairs: Tom Dasko, Clayton Reimer

By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Insurance: Jack Sides

Communications and Website: Krystal Zeller

Board Objective

The Board of Directors work towards ensuring Eversyde on the Park is a well maintained community with a vision to maintaining the value of the properties within. These volunteers are a group of elected unit owners who work with the property management firm to represent the interests of all residents.


The Board of Directors meets each month to discuss the concerns of Eversyde on the Park. Concerns include items brought forward from C-Era, maintenance and repairs, seasonal tasks and projects.